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Non-Discriminatory Policy:

St. Catherine of Alexandria School admits students of any sex, color, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. The school does not discriminate on the basis of sex, color, national, or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational, admission, scholarship, loan, athletic, and other school administered programs.

School Identification and Priority of Admission:

St. Catherine of Alexandria School is a Catholic School established to serve the children of families living within the boundaries or registered as parishioners of St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish. Students from families living outside the parish may be admitted according to the space available at the time of registration.

New students are accepted in the following order as openings occur:

  1. Children whose parents are registered, participating parishioners and those who have siblings currently enrolled at SCA.
  2. Children whose parents are registered, participating parishioners enrolling their children for the first time.
  3. Children of Catholic non-parishioners whose parish does not have a school.
  4. Children of non-Catholic parishioner enrolling for the first time
  5. Children from non-Catholics living outside the parish bounds

Admissions Process for All New Students:

  1. Formal application is received
  2. Student and family are interviewed by Principal or designee
  3. Report card and latest test scores are reviewed (testing administered where needed)

Acceptance is based on the family’s ability to:

  • Meet academic admission standards
  • Meet behavioral standards
  • Accept and practice the faith values that are an integral part of the Catholic School Community
  • Agree to comply with the school philosophy and policies
  • Candidates will be chosen for admission based on demonstrated academic performance and the potential to be successful at St. Catherine of Alexandria School.

Conditional Acceptance:

All newly accepted students are probationary for the first year. St. Catherine of Alexandria School is a Religious, private non-profit school and abides by all rules and requirements to which it is subject in that status. While every entering child is viewed as a valued child of God, St. Catherine of Alexandria may not be able to serve all needs of every child as well as would an alternative placement. Students must demonstrate academic and behavioral success in their placement at St. Catherine Of Alexandria School. New students who do not maintain acceptable grades, attendance or behavior may be asked to leave as soon as a below-average pattern appears established within the first trimester, or at the end of either of the final two trimesters. Continued enrollment for struggling new students is dependent upon multiple factors including effort of the child and the parents, placement options elsewhere, and likelihood for success in the future here. Final decisions are made at the discretion of the Principal.

Continued Enrollment of All Students:

Acceptance for any continuing student for the following year may be granted if:  

  1. The student receives passing grades in all major subjects
  2. The student maintains a C average in Conduct and Effort grades
  3. All financial debts are cleared (such as tuition, fees, after-school care bills)*
  4. There is evidence of parental support and cooperation with the school
  5. The student is clearly benefiting from placement at St. Catherine of Alexandria School
  6. The school is benefiting from its relationship with the student and the family

*Please remember that as good Christian stewards, our budget is tight and your payment of debts owed is very important to our school’s proper functioning for everyone. Note that failure to maintain prompt payment of outstanding bills could result in suspension from academic participation in class (including all final testing) and therefore withholding of final grading until the program can be completed (resulting in Incomplete grades on the
child’s transcript).

Student and Parent Philosophy of Educational Accountability:

When parents register their children with St. Catherine of Alexandria School, all children   are accepted with the understanding that this school is the most appropriate placement for each, and that the student intends to complete his/her education in earnest, and integrity in this Catholic environment. A student and his parents will therefore exhibit effort and conduct that bears out this presumption at all times. Failure to make proper use of the opportunities given to succeed appropriately in academic progress or in conduct at St. Catherine of Alexandria School should lead to consequences which include curtailment or withdrawal of any or all privileges of enrollment here.  Each student and parent/guardian commit to familiarizing themselves with the parent handbook, and to adhere to all rules and requirements contained in it. All will adhere to any regulations adopted and announced by the Administration of the school in the course of the school year as having the same force as those printed in this handbook (and supersede it).  All commit themselves to positive engagement of disputes. Recourse to any dispute resolution shall be first with the teacher, then the principal and then the pastor of the parish, and done in the context of Christian charity.